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YogurtWorks SFV Monthly – May 15th

11:00AM Bronze Bracket Training Session
2:00PM Bronze Bracket
3:00PM Main Bracket

Platform: PS4. Bring your own controller!

Introducing our bronze bracket training session! Bronze bracket players are invited into the venue a few hours early to sit down and get valuable advice leading into the tournaments. Top placers from the last few events will be there to help you improve your game! Starts at 11AM.

Featuring a FREE TO ENTER Bronze Bracket! Higher ranked players as well as a few select community members will not be allowed to enter this bracket.

Start time: 2:00PM

Entry: $0
1st- Free cup of froyo ($5.00 or less)
2nd- Any drink ($2.00 or less)

Double elimination, randomly seeded. If 6 or less players, it will be round robin.

-2/3 games per match through the entire bracket.
-Losing player may switch characters after each game.
-DLC characters allowed: Alex, Guile

“Banned” Players (Found as Silver or higher league online, or as decided by tournament organizers):
Adam Vandebogart – Banky Kitchpanich – Bomby Kitchpanich – Carlos Sebastian – Cho Lor – Chris Gobaleza – Jesse Hyter – Kyle Hall – Manny Santiago – Orry Watts – Paulo Duarte – Raphael Borromeo – Roderick Harris – Zach Mcelfresh – Gavin Lee

+ Any other players who have been found to achieve a “Silver” or higher rank online.
+ Tournament organizer reserves the right to make the final judgement as to whether a player should or should not be banned.


-Yes, you are also allowed to compete in the main bracket.
-Players who win a bronze bracket event two times is no longer allowed to participate.

MAIN BRACKET: All players welcome!
Start time: 3:00PM or after Bronze Bracket ends

Entry fee: $5
Prizes: 100% of entry fees to top 3
1st- 60% + Paid Entry into BLF2 SFV event (June 4-5)
2nd- 30%
3rd- 10%

-2/3 games per match. Winners, losers, grand finals best 3/5 games.
-Losing player may switch characters after each game.
-DLC characters allowed: Alex, Guile

Streamed at

-Doors open at 11:00AM
-Outside food is allowed, but please show courtesy and clean up after yourself

-Desync your wireless controllers after every match!
-Casuals will open up as tournament nears conclusion, and will remain open shortly after.