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YogurtWorks SFV Monthly – April 17 – Anchorage, AK

1:00PM Doors open
2:00PM Bronze Bracket
3:00PM Open Bracket (Main Event)

Platform: PS4. Bring your own controller!


Featuring a FREE TO ENTER Bronze Bracket! Higher ranked players as well as a few select community members will not be allowed to enter this bracket.

Start time: 2:00PM

Entry: $0
1st- Free cup of froyo ($5.00 or less)
2nd- Any drink ($2.00 or less)

Double elimination, randomly seeded. If 6 or less players, it will be round robin.

-2/3 games per match through the entire bracket.
-Losing player may switch characters after each game.
-DLC characters allowed: Alex

“Banned” Players (Found as Silver or higher league online, or as decided by tournament organizers):
Adam Vandebogart – Banky Kitchpanich – Bomby Kitchpanich – Carlos Sebastian – Cho Lor – Chris Gobaleza – Jesse Hyter – Kyle Hall – Manny Santiago – Orry Watts – Paulo Duarte – Raphael Borromeo – Roderick Harris – Zach Mcelfresh

+ Any other players who have been found to achieve a “Silver” or higher rank online.
+ Tournament organizer reserves the right to make the final judgement as to whether a player should or should not be banned.


-Yes, you are also allowed to compete in the main bracket.
-Players who win a bronze bracket event two times is no longer allowed to participate.


OPEN BRACKET (Main Event): All players welcome!

Start time: 3:00PM

Entry fee: $5
Prizes: 100% of entry fees to top 3
1st- 60%
2nd- 30%
3rd- 10%

-2/3 games per match. Winners, losers, grand finals best 3/5 games.
-Losing player may switch characters after each game.
-DLC characters allowed: Alex


Streamed at


-Doors open at 1:00PM
-Outside food is allowed, but please show courtesy and clean up after yourself

-Desync your wireless controllers after every match!
-Casuals will open up as tournament nears conclusion, and will remain open shortly after.