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We finally have our very own Podcast! AKG’s Dojo Declassified, it is a player historical record of sort where AKG Highlander talks to the current AKG crew along with some legends who have since moved from Alaska. Stay tuned here on for more info or you could also check out the podcast’s official facebook page at and if for some odd reason you found and you would like to be part of the AKG FGC then you may find us at Declassified

Listen to the first episode featuring Banky Kitchpanich aka Banksters aka the human lag testing machine, this episode is co-hosted by the sexy and amazing Raphael Borromeo check out the episode here! we had somewhat of a rocky start since it was the very first episode but man what an amazing journey this episode was! We covered Banky and some of Raphael’s history, talked a little about the begins of AKG, from forums to AKGL our very first regional and leading all the way to today and the upcoming regional Battle at the last frontier 2 aka BLF2 and along the way we talked about how Banky and Raphael became the amazing players that they are today!

Listen to the Second episode with the return of Kazma! With Supreme Lord Dingus! completing the Kazma sage in epic AKG style lol Check it out here!

The Third episode featuring AKG’s prodigy Ippo aka Bill Vang the king of AKG’s UMVC3 scene and Lord Dingus made sure we had some tentacles on this episode, always diligent and efficient! Check it out here!

The Fourth episode features one of AKG’s brightest stars Shin Paulo, pro KI player and master of real life mixups! Check it out here! also features Lord Dingus again!

The Fifth episode has AKG’s Big Boss Bomby Kitchpanich the head heart and soul of AKG takes AKG Highlander and Lord Dingus a stroll down AKG memory lane Check it out here!

The Sixth episode features the general of the Ken army himself! Zach Mcelfresh aka Crucial! We discuss his journey from beginning to being the second highest placing AKG member at Evo 2016 Check it out here!

The Seventh episode has the Legendary Orry Watts! The only man in AKG history to get out of Evo pools for the same game twice in one year! And that’s just the tip! Go give it a listen! Thank me later Check it out here!

The Eight episode feature’s one of AKG’s Legends! AKG Grandmaster B! One of AKG’s deadliest players and one of the great TO’s, talking about his story in the AKG scene and getting us caught up with what he’s been up to as well as a cool AKG evo history!  Check it out here!

The Ninth Episode with Orlando Santiago Jr aka Boricua AK, a sort of farewell episode for one of AKG’s most beloved members, an awesome player and a great TO shared his story with us and man it is amazing Check it out here!