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Smash Wii U Ranbats

Introducing our first ranking battles of Super Smash Bros Wii U by AlaskaGamers, part of our 2015 Ranbats series.

This is a 4 bi-weekly series featuring Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Players will earn points each week based on their tournament placing. At the end of the season, the players with the most points will compete in a playoff bracket for the prize pool!


To reiterate what was mentioned in a recent announcement on our page, “New to this season is the Battle at the Last Frontier Community Fund. A portion of venue fees collected this season will go towards this fund, which will support the Alaska fighting game community’s efforts in growing the scene and hosting major events. By participating in these tournaments, you are helping to ensure bigger and better events in the future! The community fund is managed by AlaskaGamers, who promises to be fully transparent in providing information as to how funds will be used towards future events.” -Ebomb

Entry fee:

$2 Venue Fee
$3 Per Game

YogurtWorks Alaska
3421 E Tudor Rd # B, Anchorage, Alaska 99507

Schedule: Alternating Bi-Weekly, Sundays @ 2PM beginning on 10/11/2015

-10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/22, (12/6 playoffs)

Cash prize payout using entries collected throughout the season. Top 8 payout based on Playoff result.
1st 40%
2nd 20%
3rd 15%
4th 10%
5th 5%
7th 2.5%

BatLF Community Fund: Venue pledges to sponsor 50% of venue fees collected.

Bracket Format: Double Elimination

Match Format: On 10/11/2015, All matches are played as a best-of-3 set (3 stocks, 8 minutes per game). Winners, Losers and Grand Finals are best-of-5 matches.

Starting 10/25/2015 due to time constraints for the rest of the series matches will be played as a best-of-3 set (2 stocks, 6 minutes per game). Winners, Losers and Grand Finals are best-of-5 matches.

No custom moves.


-Battlefield / Miiverse
-Final Destination / Omega Stages
-Dreamland 64
-Town & City

Counter Pick Stages:
-Duck Hunt
-Lylat Cruise

Match Procedure:

-First stage is decided by banning from the Starter Stages. 1st person to ban will be decided by rock-paper-scissors. Then stage ban will be in P1 (1) P2 (2) P1 (1) and the remaining stage is the stage that is played on.
Then in preceding matches, the winner can ban 1 stage then loser picks a stage.

– If a player pauses the game during a match, he or she must forfeit a stock/round/game. An exception is the “inevitable death rule” which is when a pause occurs during an animation which after ending would result in a stock/round/game. This will be enforced by judges and TO’s.

-Self-Destruct Moves: If a match ends by the use of a successful self-destruct move, the player that initiated the self-destruct move will be the victor of the match. Self-destruct moves only include Ganondorf’s Side B, King Dedede’s Neutral B, Wario’s Neutral B, and Kirby’s Neutral B.