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How to learn Tekken guide

So this will be the basic outline that I will be giving people who are looking to get better in Tekken, I will also talk about movement and punishment in more depth in later articles

How to learn a character in Tekken
First thing is first, I assume or have to assume that you know what’s covered here
specifically the Tekken Zaibatsu Legend for the notation. Here is a basic notation list

1 = LP = Square(ps) X(Xbox)
2 = RP = Triangle(ps) Y(Xbox)
3 = LK = X(Ps) A(Xbox)
4 = RK = Circle(ps) B(Xbox)
5 = Tag = R1(ps) RB(Xbox)
n = neutral i.e. You aren’t pressing a direction
f = forward
b = backward
u = up
d = down
uf = diagonal up forward
df = diagonal down forward
ub = diagonal up back
db = diagonal down back
Note: if you see a direction(f,b,d,u) or a diagonal direction(ub, uf, df, db) written in capital letters that means you’re supposed to hold the direction

FC = Full crouch, so you wanna either want to use D DB or DF to get into FC
WS = while standing from crouch, can be achieved by holding db or df until you see your character crouching then let go and press your ws move
TC = Technical Crouch
TJ = Technical Jump
RC = Recovers in crouch
OC = Opponent recovers in crouch i.e. Law db+3 or Kaz f+4 on block and regular hit
b! = bound
TA! = Tag assault



Top 10 moves
This is always the first stop for me, I go to and check the character forum for the top 10 moves, there’s usually several lists so either go with the moderators post or if you recognize a pro players name then go with that, I take the list go to practice mode and figure out what the moves do, range, and frames for frame data, I use

1. Pokes which are generally faster moves(usually you need to have a basic understanding of frame data to determine speed). For example King’s 2,1. Df+1 or df+2,1

2. Tracking move/s so that I can deal with people trying to sidestep, these moves usually have a white stripe like King’s f+4

3. Lows usually there are lows for pokes and lows for combos the rule of thumb here is spam low pokes and mix in the lows that start combos etc like King’s df+4 or d+4 would be the pokes and FC df+1 would be the combo starter, funny thing about King is that his low launcher is safe on block unlike the rest of the cast. Note: not everyone has a good low poke or good low launcher

4. Launchers, some people start and stop here, comparable to people who only work upper body at the gym ie this is the chest workout of Tekken, super important so you need to know which launcher or launchers you have that are viable and this leads into the next part…

5. Combos
Not talking multi throws or ten hit combos because those are not guaranteed and usually easily escapable and punishable(10 hits), the combo structure in Tekken changed in Tekken 6 to accommodate players of all skill levels the basic structure is Launcher filler bound/bind(when u see the notation b! this is what they are talking about) and then ender, in Tekken Tag 2 the system got upgraded but I will cover that in the partner section. So an example combo for King would look like

uf+4(Launcher) f+2,2(Filler) 1,b+2 b!(bound) d+3+4,2(ender)

fillers may vary depending on the launcher you use

6. Guides

This part can be tricky depending on the character, usually you can find decent character guides at and for basically most guides known to the Tekken community lots of good stuff here but there is a ton of stuff, including the basic system to the advanced aspects of the game

also you can check out for a guide that’s in podcast format and you can also find some through youtube but be careful because some guides are made by scrubs and they’ll only teach you how to lose.

And of course, for the best guides ever! hehe save the best for last. He didn’t cover everyone but he has an amazing guide on how the Rock Paper Scissors works in Tekken called man up, this vid is a must watch.

7. Match videos
It’s always a good idea to know who is the best player who uses your character or team, once you’ve done all your research and training, checking these guys out can give you ideas on how to maximize the potential of your characters

Again, like lifting Tekken takes awhile to master and takes awhile to see the results uve been working for, consistency is key and playing good players instead of scrubs helps quite a bit. So, go to the sessions whenever you can.

How to pick a good partner aka how to test for basic team synergy

Sometimes you will be able to use the same fillers, bound’s and enders for your solo combos with your tag combos or tag assault combos(TA) but depending on your point character and your assist character you might have to change your filler, bound, or ender or even all 3. Generally speaking tag assault combos seem to be the most damaging combos you can do, from 55% up to 100% life damage but as you probably already know, when you use tag assault you give your opponent’s partner netsu/rage

TA Fillers
This is usually what forces you to change your combo filler, here is a TA combo with King and Armor King
King uf+4 ff+22,1,b+2 1+2~5,b! Ta Armor King 3+4 2, King Isw(wr+2+4_fff+2+4) fortunately in this situation Armor King has a TA filler that facilitates King’s regular filler, however if you try King with Bruce and you go for the same filled and use Bruce’s b+4,3,4 as a TAfiller it will not work the last hit will drop and even if it doesn’t drop your Isw ender will not work due to how Bruce pushes your opponent away

Here’s a breakdown on the types TA fillers, keep in mind that this isn’t the end all be all, just an example of what I’ve seen so far, there are certain TA fillers that are weird, in short this list is generalized for what your most likely to encounter, if you hit any problems lemme know and I’ll try to work it out for ya
1 hit filler – usually a very powerful hit and sends the opponent flying upward or up and away, this type of TA filler is compatible with almost every combo filler etc

2 hit filler – usually the most common filler or at least from what I’ve seen, usually these send your opponent up and away but only slightly, works with 4 to 6 air hits

3 hit filler – this requires shorter fillers 3-4 air hits but make up for any lost damage, I’ve seen a few different types some push up and away, sometimes just away

4 hit filler – this requires short fillers 2-3 air hits, sometimes 4 hits depending on the TA, I haven’t seen that many of these but usually they send your opponent up and away but close similar to 2 hit fillers

TA Enders
Usually this part of TA combos is the cool part, usually you get big damage or a wall carry to continue your combo or use a move that spikes to get an oki mix up or a combination of two of these things if you use a top tier character

Character netsu compatibility
Not really gonna make or break a team but good to know
Special team moves
Same as above

8. Punishment
So after compiling my top ten moves, I compile my punishment list, it will look similar to this

-10f 1,1,2 knockdown on hit, third hit is hit confirmable and -17 on block
-11F b+1,2 wall splats -14 on block
-13F df+4,4 -15 on block hit confirmable, PEWGF(f,n,df+2)
-14F ewgf
-15F ewgf or b+4,1
-16F df+1,2 or be a fucking man ewgf

-10f FC d+1
-11f WS4,4 -15 on block
-13f ws1,2 -13 on block
-16f ws2 tracks -18 on block

So usually what people need to know is their standing
10f this is usually something that gives you plus frames or if your lucky you get a knockdown
12f or 13f(depends on character) this is usually a knockdown move that will wall splat
15f usually a launcher
And for crouch
11f usually this gives you plus frames
13f this is somewhat of a rare option, most will give you plus frames if you’re lucky you’ll have a WS 13f launcher but if I recall correctly there’s less than 4 characters that can do it
15f usually a launch, either WS or a hopkick
So with that out of the way, this is the most work one will ever have to do in a fighting, I would count the moves in Tekken and give you an exact number but nobody got time for that, my estimate is roughly 2000 to 3000 moves in the game… Yeah so instead of telling you everything I will give you a basic outline on how to practice punishment

Go to
Offline mode>Practice Mode> defensive training
There will be 5 recording options usually I try to make a mix up out of the options I’m training against, so even I already know how to punish something it might make the mix up just to make it so I have to learn how to recognize a move so for this example you will need to pick Lars and Law

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
5 yup TAG

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
5 tag again!

so usually you want to work on each option individually to get the timing down, it kinda depends from person to person how long it would take, so let’s go over those options quickly

uf+3 -21 on block launch this, usually you wanna do your launcher right after the highest point of Lars’ jump

db+4 -21 Launch this too if you have a WS launcher use that if not use a hopkick, if you’re playing a character who doesn’t have those options… Sorry lol

f+1+2 -14 usually my rule of thumb for punishing fast moves that are 1 hit and under -15 is to use my 12f or 13f punisher(sorry if you don’t have one lol you can use your 10f punish instead)

ff+4,3 so if you block the first one(low) it’s about -31 so you can launch it after blocking if you block the second hit its -16 so launch again if your character has a 15f punisher

Tag it takes roughly 60f to complete a tag so launch it if you can!


WS+2 -18 has pushback so it may be hard to launch it for every character

db+4,4 -31 on block on the first hit -8~9 for second hit

d+2,3 -17 on block please launch

db+3 -13 on block

5 already covered in the Lars section

Once you are comfortable punishing each option individually then you can have the cpu use all the options(except tag) to get a feel for how it would kind of work in a real match, this is the part that builds your reactions, so the biggest tip I have for people is to learn the animations of the moves listed and how they differ from each other, punishing properly will help increase your win ratio and to pressure your opponent immensely by limiting their options and putting the fear of defeat in the back of their minds


Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope this helped you, let me know if you guys want/need something specific explained etc

Don’t run into those launchers! Cheers

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